Step 1:

Log in to your Website Admin Panel with your credentials.


Step 2:

A new page will load and you will be directed to the dashboard. Hover your mouse to left menu options and click Products then Categories.


Step 3:

Next step is to fill in the details for the New Product Category.

Type in the Name of the New Product Category.

Slug can also be the Name or the shortened version of it.

If the New Category is only a sub-category, you must find also the Parent Category for it to be linked on to the Main Category. If you are making a new main category, just leave the Parent field blank.

If you like to put some information about the new category, you can also put it in the Description Field.

Have the Product Display in Grid View.

Then lastly, click the Shipping Address (default) option.


Step 4:

Review everything and then click Add New Product Category.