Configuring IMAP Apple Mail

Note: We do not allow the default IMAP account settings used by the Apple Mail program. Please follow our setup instructions very carefully to ensure that the client is configured properly with our servers. If configured incorrectly, your account could result in having IMAP disabled..

Click the Mail menu

Select Preferences

Click the Accounts icon

Click the + sign in the bottom-left corner of window

Select IMAP as the Account Type, and fill in a general description of the account (Work, SACKO, etc)

Type your Email Address and your Full Name into the corresponding fields

Type in the Incoming Mail Server field  (Replace yourbusinessdomainname with your domain name)

Enter your email address and Password into the corresponding fields

In the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) drop-down menu, select Add Server...

In the new window, type (Replace yourbusinessdomainname with your domain name) in the Outgoing Mail Server field 

In the Authentication drop-down menu, select Password and retype your Username and Password into the corresponding fields, then click OK

In the account preferences please click on advanced and find the Imap Path Prefix line and remove the ' .' in the line. This will allow you to subscribe to all folders.

* Be sure that "Keep copies of messages for offline viewing" is set to "Don't keep copies of any messages". Having this set otherwise, will result in IMAP being disabled for your account