Step 1:

Log in to your SACKO Business Email account.


Step 2:

On the top menu, please click on Preferences. A pop-out will then show and will lead you to the Preference Manager.


Step 3:

Then click the Out of Office Message option under Email.


Step 4:

Tick the Yes button and below you’ll see the Schedule and Message options for your Auto-Reply.

For Schedule:

a. Predetermined Schedule – Schedule in which you already planned the time you start and/or end sending auto-reply messages.

*You can either type in manually the date (day/mo/year) or click on the Calendar icon and choose your preferred date.


b.  Undetermined Schedule – Schedule in which you have indefinite planned time on when to start and/or end sending auto-reply messages.

*Tick the option that you want for Start and on the End options, choose the Continue indefinitely (This option will keep your email sending auto-reply messages until such time you disable to feature.)

For Message:

Simply fill in the Subject line and the Body for the message that you want to send.


Step 5.

Then simply select the save and close option and your new auto reply is setup.