Setting up a IMAP account on an Android mobile device:

Press the device's Menu button.

Tap Settings.

Scroll down to "Accounts."

Tap Add account.

Tap Email.

Tap Others.

Enter your full Business Mail email address and password.

Tap Manual setup.

Tap IMAP account.

Enter the following info:

Email address - Your full email address.

Username - Your full email address.

Password - Your business email password.

IMAP server - type (Replace yourbusinessdomainname with your domain name) or you can use

Port - 143

Security Type - None

IMAP path prefix - Leave blank

Enter the following info:

SMTP server - Enter (Replace yourbusinessdomainname with your domain name) or you can use

Security type - None

Port - 5125 (If you have problems sending outgoing emails change this to port 25)

Require sign-in - Make sure this is checked.

Username - Enter your complete email address.

Password - Your business email password.

Tap Next.

Select the frequency that the app will check for new email, then tap Next.

Enter the name you want on your outgoing emails, then tap Next.

You can now send and receive emails with your business email account from the native android mail app.