Step 1:


Log in to your Website Admin Panel with your credentials.



Step 2:


You will be directed to the dashboard. Hover your mouse to left menu options and click Products then Add Product.



Step 3:


A new page will load and will lead you to Add New Product form. Just fill in the blank fields with the details about your new product.


Enter the name of your product to the Product name field just below the Add New Product text.


Then scroll down a little and on the right set at least one product category for the product to appear under.


Then continue to scroll down and you should see a Product Data area that has a range of options like (General, Inventory, Shipping, Linked Products etc.)


In the SKU field please enter the products code you use or the manufacturers code for the product.


Next enter the products price in the Regular Price area


Then on the right to add a product image select the set featured image option.


A new pop out window will be displayed. From here select The Upload Files option from the left hand corner at the top.


Then price the Select Files button. Then navigate to where the product image is saved on your computer and then select it and hit the open button.


The image will then upload to the website.


Then select the Set featured image button


Now scroll further down the page and enter any information describing the product in the Product Short Description field.


Once that is down please scroll right to the top of the page and hit the Publish button in blue on the right.


Your product should now be live on the website.