Step 1:

Log in to your Website Admin Panel with your credentials.


Step 2:

You will be directed to the dashboard. Hover your mouse to left menu options and click Products then the Products option again.


Step 3:

The products page will now load. Simply select a product and press the edit button.


Step 4:

Now scroll to the Yoast SEO section

Then enter a focus keyword for the product. Is suggested to keep this to a minimum of a word or two if possible.

Once that is done the SEO Title area should automatically be prefilled so you shouldn’t need to edit this.

In the meta description area it is best to enter a short description that descripts the program which includes the focus keyword at least once.

Once the above is done hit the Update button on the top right.


Step 5:

At this stage you could go on and continue the process for other programs but as an extra step you can stroll further down the page to the Product Short Description area right at the bottom.

Then enter a sentence or more describing the program.

Once added scroll back to the top of the page and press the update button on the right hand side.


Step 6:

Repeat the above steps for each product