If this is your first time using Outlook:

  1. Open the Outlook 2016 Application
  2. If this is your first time, you should see a screen where you can enter your email address
  3. Press 'Connect'
  4. You will then be asked to enter a password for the account
  5. If you have entered the correct username and password you should receive a message letting you know you were successful in adding the account
  6. You will also have the option to add another email account if you want or to continue

If you already have an account in Outlook:

  1. Click File > Add Account (should be under ‘Account Information’ title)
  2. If using exchange you should be able to type in your username and password and the rest should be taken care of for you
  3. If you are using a different email provider, you may need to get their server details from online or from them.
  4. These details should be something like below (Different for each email provider):

Sending Emails:

SMTP Host: smtp.gmail.com
SMTP Port: 587
SSL Protocol: OFF
TLS Protocol: ON

Receiving Emails:

POP3 Host: imap.gmail.com
POP3 Port: 993
Encryption: SSL

        5. Enter these details as prompted and once complete with the correct details, the email should be added to your list of inboxes